Speakers: Stephen Mohan | , SBI



Sales educational content often lacks best practices from three areas – business services, very large sales forces, and those that come directly from the source. To combat this, SBI’s Sales and Marketing Podcast recently spoke with Stephen Mohan, the Senior Vice President of Republic Services. Republic Services is the leader of recycling and waste services in the United States. And Stephen is responsible for over $8 billion in annual revenue, with a team of 1,800 reps.


During the podcast, we will discuss sales strategy. Specifically how to lead a very large sales team in the business services industry. In the course of the show, Stephen will answer questions such as:


  • What sales organizational structure is best for his very large sales force?
  • How does the sales team integrate with the operations team?
  • Who in the organization owns the churn number?
  • Who in the organization has responsibility for cross-selling and upselling?


Leading a large sales force such as Stephen’s can be especially challenging. To help, Stephen will wrap up the show with three actions the audience can take immediately to design their sales strategy. Listen here to hear Stephen’s insights on how to develop and execute sales strategies inside of large business services organizations.