Speakers: Vicky Oxley | , SBI

Sales Talent Podcast


Today’s topic is how to build a high-performance sales culture where sales talent thrives. Joining us is Vicky Oxley, Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Comcast NBC Universal. Vicky leads the West Region for the nation’s largest TV, high speed internet and voice provider for residential and business customers.


Peter Drucker famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and nowhere else is this truer than in sales organizations. Yet, unfortunately, many sales leaders neglect investing in the culture of the sales department and this results to poor performance. This episode hopes to help prevent this from happening to you.


Vicky describes the sales culture she has created to help talent thrive. The program begins with an overview of the Comcast corporate and the specific sales culture. Listen as Vicky explains how a customer experience culture is passionately driven to make every customer interaction the best possible.


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In the second segment of the show Vicky describes key leadership positions and the process for sourcing the right talent. Greg and Vicky discuss how to identify future leaders for development and succession planning.


In the final segment of the show, Vicky answers these questions:


  • How do you test employees in order to assess their readiness to assume their next role?
  • How do you communicate your succession plans?
  • How do you transition employees when they are getting promoted?


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