Marketing Strategy


What makes a great marketing leader?  And do you have what it takes? Marketing changes constantly. It’s one of the most difficult fields to be in. What’s hot today is old news tomorrow. The number of moving pieces you must manage sometimes seems ridiculous.  How can you keep up? How can you lead your team and give them the best chance for success?


It starts with vision. Leaders, especially marketing leaders, need to stay ahead of the game. They are looking beyond today, and creating a best in class marketing strategy. A strategy that differentiates themselves, and keeps them two steps ahead of the market. Have you done this for next year?


Download our research report, “How to Increase Marketing’s Contribution to 2015 Revenue”here. It’s a great place to get started. The report will outline the pieces of a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Then, ask yourself two questions:


  1. Do you really understand strategic planning?
  2. Are you able to effectively communicate your strategy to your team?


What is strategic planning?


As CMO, you must put together an operating plan for the marketing team.  This strategy must drive revenue.  How do you do this? By allocating your resources correctly.  In this case, resources include time, people and money.

This isn’t easy.  You have limited dollars, yet so much to do. You have to make tough decisions. Start by truly understanding which investments will provide the biggest return. This will guide where to spend your resources. Every marketing function must contribute to the revenue goal. No exceptions. The best marketing leaders understand this. 


What do I do with my strategy once I have it?


Communicate. This is a vital piece in turning your strategy into reality. Communicate with your CEO and Sales counterpart. This will help you make sure your strategy is aligned with the corporate and sales goals.  But don’t stop there.  Communicate your strategy with your marketing team, with the whole company. Be bold in your communication, and then trust your team.  If your strategy is built correctly, it means your resources are allocated appropriately. This allows your team to become their best selves. They will feel empowered to help execute your strategy.  


This all sounds good in theory, you may say.  But in reality, sometimes it’s hard to feel inspired, when you’re bogged down with the everyday details.  On a typical day you’re probably putting out fires, sending emails, analyzing data, etc.  How are you supposed to create a vision and put your strategy in place with all these other things that must get done?


You decide to make it a priority.  It’s as simple as that.  It is the difference between an “ok” marketing leader and the best.  The great marketing leaders understand how to differentiate themselves with strategic planning.  A robust plan that aligns with the corporate strategy provides you credibility and allows you to stay on top.  


If want to learn more, sign up for a 90 min. one-on-on session here. It will help you create a marketing strategy that will set you up for success in 2015.