On the face of it, the press release  did not seem out of the ordinary.  It merely provided the back story on a decision by Cummins, Inc. to implement the PROS solution. PROS is the leader in business-to-business pricing and margin optimization software. This release is just one of many over the last 12 months, detailing a record of success that has accrued to the Vice President of Sales, Chris Jones, who took over the top sales leadership post in October 2009.


The sales success PROS has enjoyed during Jones’ tenure is due in part to his rollout of an improved sales process. This sales process included decision flows, detailed guidance, sales aids, customer-centric views, and a revamped pre-sales contribution from the marketing team.


Above all, it was Chris and his sales management team who relentlessly drove adoption of the process and excellence in execution. Cummins’ executive director, Rafael Dorador, remarked that, “we needed a partner that understands and can help us manage the fluctuating conditions in our markets.”



Improved Sales ProcessThe ability to map to, and accommodate a customer’s needs, is a core element of the PROS strategic sales process. An essential principle of this process is the ability to mirror the prospect’s buying behavior. The results  will ultimately ensure that the PROS sales staff does not push the sales cycle “too fast” and that they follow the prospect’s learning process. Oftentimes, it is the ‘story behind the story’ that reveals the truth.


In this case, the recent press release by Cummins is another leading indicator of future results. Improved sales process that is widely adopted among the sales force will produce success; there is no doubt about it.


Greg Alexander

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