Is there another position in the company dealing with a higher degree of change? The CMO is clearly the toughest job in the company right now. The pace of change in the marketing world is increasing CMO turnover.  As soon as you catch up, you’re behind again, something changed in the market.  


Toughest job:

Every C-Level position encounters significant change.  Change is the new normal.  However, no other position is undergoing the magnitude or breath of change that the CMO is currently encountering. The change in marketing requires radically new skills sets, capabilities and expertise.  Most significantly, these new capabilities must be fully integrated to work together.  


The average tenure of the CMO is trending in the wrong direction. It’s starting to look like the CSO (Chief Sales Officer). The average tenure of a marketing leader is approximately 4 years according to Spencer Stuart, Advertising Age, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.


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Your priorities will vary based on the current state of your business. Whether you’re positioning yourself to go public or transforming a legacy marketing organization.


Priorities within the business will fluctuate constantly but the common theme across all CMOs is a best in class marketing strategy, schedule your 1-1 workshop here.


As you look through the CMO Top 10 Workbook you’ll find yourself categorizing the priorities into these 6 requirement phases. It should not surprise you that these are the foundational areas best in class CMO’s use for their marketing strategy.


Review each of the 6 phase’s requirements to see where you are in the process.


CMO Focus Requirements:


1.  Segmentation:


  • The need for buyer segmentation has never been greater.
  • Market potential and account potential analysis by use case are table steaks.
  •   Failure to stay ahead in this area means failure across the board.
  • Everything else links back to proper segmentation.


2.  Planning:


  • A consistent planning process utilizing an agile approach is standard.
  • Gone are the days of developing the plan once per year.
  • Revisiting the planning process is circular and results in constant adjustments.
  • Failure to not continuously align with product management and sales leads to job loss.


3.  Engagement:


  • Defined Demand Generation process including the agile yes/no process application.
  • Lead Management process and supporting buyer based content to avoid the buyer dropping out of the funnel.
  • Content development process enabling the right quality and value to support the end to end buyer process map (including the sales process).
  • Lead Generation and content support process to enable channel partners and stay relevant.


4.  Organizational Structure:


  • The organizational structure to support all of the engagement requirements.
  • You evaluate current staff and hire based on a robust criteria that supports the modern marketing requirements.
  • Your content develop org and skills support the quality and volume requirements of your ever changing buyer needs.
  • Your org model is balanced between efficiency and effectiveness.


5.  Execution:


  • You have implemented an agile execution approach.
  • Your team adjusts campaign execution on a continuous basis.
  • The team can support all the requirements defined in the engagement area.
  • Your internal behavior changes are at pace or ahead of your buyers.


6.  Support:


  • Avoid technology implementation failures.
  • Confirm system integration and support to provide the desired outcome.
  • All the technology and support resources provide the ability to measure the return on marketing investment. Failure here is the kiss of death.
  • Big data road map to success, including quick wins to support the continuous investment.


The pace of change continues to accelerate. Keeping up means you keep your job, falling behind means your value is not where it should be.


Getting Started

Download the Top 10 CMO Priorities Workbook here. If you’re interested in reviewing a more detailed marketing strategy, sign up here an


d we’ll schedule a 90 minutes 1-1 review session of your marketing strategy. The result will be a marketing strategy roadmap and the outcome will support increasing your tenure as the CMO.


If you have any other questions on the workbook or the application of it, connect with me via a LinkedIn Inmail.   



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