7 dominant sales structure models to evaluate based on buyer preferences.

Today’s topic is how to organize the sales team. Joining us is Mike St. Clair, Vice President of Sales for Rentokil North America. Mike is responsible for revenue and market share growth throughout the US, Mexico and Canada for pest control, brand protection and interior landscaping.


Some of you are struggling with how to determine how many feet on the street you need, what type of reps you need, and which org model is the best one for you. My hope is that by demonstrating how to do this you can avoid costly mistakes.


In the first part of the show watch as Mike and I discuss the seven dominant sales organizational models. We breakdown why Mike did, or did not, select each at Rentokil. The models include:


  • Stratification by large accounts, midsize accounts, small accounts in a pyramid
  • Hunter/farmer
  • Geography
  • Product specialists
  • Vertical industry specialists
  • Role specialists
  • Hybrid (2 or more of the above combined)


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In the second segment, we discuss how to determine the specific roles and headcount required in the org chart. Mike explains how sales capacity is deployed against the market opportunity and how it was implemented.


Watch as Mike describes channel selection based on how buyers prefer to engage. Shifts in buyer channel preference has significant impacts to the org model. Mike talks through how to factor in those preferences.


In the final segment of the show Mike answers the following questions:


  • What level of sales specialization is your buyer willing to pay for?
  • What is the expected production of each sales role and how was this calculated?
  • What is the forecasted cost of each sales role and how was this calculated?
  • What is the breakeven point for each sales role and how was this calculated?
  • How should each role spend their time and how was this determined?


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