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The CEO has made a recent change to the corporate strategy.  It has major ramifications for your sales organization.  You need your sales team to implement the change quickly without losing focus.  This post is about making your sales force more agile to handle change.


You are fighting a tough battle.  The sales team just pushed hard to finish last year strong.  They had the holidays.  Then a week at Sales Kickoff.  Now they are back to reality.  11 months of grinding to hit the number.  The funnel is dry after big Q4 wins.  On top of all of this, you’re now contending with a strategy shift.      


You are concerned that this strategic change could damage Q1 results. 


Implement the new strategy quickly.  The Strategic Change Adoption Plan will help you avoid disrupting revenue.  The plan will keep the CEO happy by ensuring the new strategy is executed.


Changes in strategy are becoming more frequent.  Your sales team’s ability to accept and adapt to change is increasingly valuable.  In the past, major strategy change initiatives have led to revenue decline.  They have led to turnover.  And when not implemented rapidly, they have resulted in the SVP of sales exiting.  These negative events take place when changes are made without a good plan. 


Sales people implement change slowly when there is a lack of clarity.  This leads to revenue disruption.  The adoption plan tool will crystalize the expectations and roadmap for the new strategy.  Also, by gamifying the change, you will make inspection fun.  Gamification incorporates scoring desired behaviors that show progress toward results.  Gamification creates competition around adoption that improves speed.  From management’s perspective, gamification provides visibility so they can measure early success.


The adoption plan is agile and customer focused.  It will help engrain a culture of agile change management.  Agile sales forces are able to pivot quickly as changes are presented.  This shifts your team’s focus to the benefits of changing versus dwelling on fear.  Agility reduces the depth and duration of disruption during strategic change.  By doing so, you move past the dip quickly and accelerate growth results.


By using the Strategic Change Adoption Plan, you will illustrate the behavior you want.  Use it to create a culture of agility within your sales force.  By doing so, you will avoid disruption during future changes that are inevitably coming.



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