We’ve created the infographic below to help outline the benefits of investing in Account Based Marketing. You’ll find a mix of best practice tactics for retaining your top customers and securing top prospects. It will help you identify high-value areas where marketing can drive revenue in a time of uncertainty.

Your original 2020 marketing plan is now obsolete, and you’ve been asked to adjust budget allocation. You might be asking yourself: where can I rationalize my efforts and resources to drive the most revenue? During a crisis or disruptive event, Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become even more vital for enterprise-level B2B companies that are competing to differentiate themselves. By doubling-down on the fundamental principles we often overlook, companies can accomplish three major things: increased customer retention, capturing new logo business, and attaining cross-functional interlock to maximize ROI.


Customer retention is the new growth strategy. Focusing on the loyal customers that have helped your business grow up to this point is essential as it provides reassurance and a stance of empathy. For B2B companies operating in these uncertain economic conditions, it’s important to remember that retention of your key customers can drive more value than customer acquisition itself.


Capturing high potential prospects is key when pipelines are disrupted. ABM provides the opportunity to demonstrate clear value to prospects that need you most. Understanding market needs in current conditions and then generating awareness to help you stand out are two crucial inputs for future revenue uplift.


Maximize ABM with cross-functional interlock. Your sales, customer success, and marketing teams cannot function in individual silos. Collaboration is vital, and it helps you align on target accounts in order to develop a communication plan and outreach strategy. Remember: marketing ROI is best realized with synergy.



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Hunter Benson

Leverages data analytics to drive insights and refine go-to-market strategy

Prior to joining SBI, Hunter worked in a fast-paced healthcare environment where he was involved in a variety of functions, including channel development, account segmentation, marketing automation, and sales operations. He’s known for his ability to identify gaps in sales and marketing processes quickly. Pursuing his passion for analytics, Hunter earned his certification in Salesforce CRM Administration.


Hunter has a passion for delivering value to sales leaders, and he takes pride in helping clients make their number.


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