If you expect to win and be competitive in the in the marketplace; you need real-time visibility on your performance metrics.

210 Miles per Hour


That’s how fast NASCAR stock cars pummel into Turn One at Daytona International Speedway during the prestigious annual 500-miler; bumper-to-bumper, three-wide with the pack. There’s no room for error; one mistake can lead to lost track position, or worse, crashing out. The speed, the stakes, no margin for error – How do drivers keep a pulse on the larger picture? Real-time visibility.



Technology in the cockpit has advanced with the systemic tide, giving drivers surgical insight of their engine diagnostics, systems health, on-track performance, and more; all while sharing real-time data with the team in the pit box.


There’s a lesson the be learned from race teams – If you expect to win and be competitive on the race track, or in the in the marketplace; you need real-time visibility on your performance metrics.


The end of Q3 signals the end of the planning cycle for many organizations. Did your functional leaders coordinate their operating plans to align with your corporate strategy? Our research found there’s a high likelihood your leaders created their plans in the confines of their offices, no coordination, no KPIs, no interlock with each other or the larger GTM Strategy. This is a signal for chaotic and frustrating execution. The stress is compounded further if you lack the capability to visualize progress against your goals.


You can proactively take two steps to alleviate future heartache:


  1. Pause to assess your strategic planning motion. We’ve compiled our latest research here to help translate your strategy to execution.


  2. Demand visibility. Allocate a resource to bring your strategic vision to life with analytics, I’ll explain how shortly.


Clarity. Do You Have It?


You’re at the steering wheel, pummeling into 2019 with the rest of your competitors; it’s a similar scenario to our racing counterparts. There’s no margin for error – mishaps at these high stakes reap consequences of latent execution, market share erosion, and pressure from shareholders. The tyranny of urgency compounds the significance of conscious decision making. You’ve communicated your corporate and GTM strategies; your leaders have their operating plans set. Now, more than ever; you need real-time visibility.


A Real-Time Dashboard Will Keep a Pulse on Execution


It’s highly likely that each of your functions rely on an exclusive platform or data warehouse; unfortunately, this results in siloed datasets and insights. In the past – the extract, transform, load cycle was arduous, time consuming, and highly technical. Modern business analytics platforms have evolved to streamline this cycle from complex technology ecosystems (I gravitate towards Alteryx, Tableau, and Qlik). With some technical expertise and a structured framework, it’s possible to deliver insights real-time, on-demand, or on a regular cadence.


There Are 6 Steps to Ensure a Successful Dashboard Launch


The path to a successful build and deployment is dependent on the six key activities summarized below. Click here to access the entire framework , complete with tasks and outputs.



This can be lot of work – but when executed correctly, the output speaks for itself



It is only when you achieve the 30,000-foot view, that you obtain total clarity for strategic decision making. With a one-stop view of your functional priorities, you’ll have unprecedented insight into the execution of your larger corporate and GTM strategies. When scaled, this becomes a powerful cross-functional tool that drives accountability and execution. Over time, this will evolve to become an omnipresent point of focus within your organization – Imagine teams starting every day with a 5-minute review of 2-3 key metrics!


Don’t Drive Blindly in 2019


If you expect to win and be competitive in the in the marketplace; you need real-time visibility on your performance metrics. Static snapshots decay and lose relevance quickly. Execution of your strategy requires in-the-moment clarity. By harnessing the power of modern analytic tools within your organization, and leveraging the 6-Step Framework , you can scale powerful insights across functions.


Time is of the essence – this can be a lot of work, and oftentimes, the objective opinion and expertise of a third party is the necessary catalyst for a quick deployment and scale. Click here if you would like to speak to an expert and learn about how SBI can help scale insights in your organization.


Download the 6 Step Dashboard Framework Tool to utilize these 6 steps for a successful dashboard launch, identify tasks associated with each step of the process, and manage tangible outputs produced by each step.



Additional Resources


To download the CEO’s guide to a GTM plan that delivers, click here.


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