Obsolete? You may be thinking this is an April fool’s joke. CMOs are in higher demand than ever. It is April fool’s day for those who think CMOs are no longer needed. The gap between great CMOs and Obsolete CMOs is growing.


As the quarter closes and numbers are missed, many CMOs are being blamed. This is a new dynamic in companies. Marketing is being held accountable to their role in helping the company hit the monthly sales target.


Common complaints from the sales force say that marketing content is out of touch with the buyer. Yesterday’s routine in marketing is not evolving to new buyer behavior. Are you keeping pace with today’s best practices? Find out by taking the Marketing Leader Best Practices Assessment.


The Marketing Leaders Journey

To get promoted to CMO, you are at the top of your game. You have been in the trenches and spearheaded new initiatives. Your marketing knowledge is at an all-time high.


It’s common for those who reach the top of their game to stop evolving. Time for education, knowledge and skill evolution erodes. CMOs face the danger of becoming obsolete and out of touch with the buyer.


How Do CMOs Stay Current?

Today’s Top CMOs use multiple sources to stay current. 


  • New trends surfaced by ‘A Player’ marketing staff and peer network
  • Trusted social media feeds and blogs
  • Vendor updates and news
  • Exposure to innovative pitches from  agencies
  • Conference presentations from peers


Keeping pace with these sources is great however you can fall victim to:


  1. False sense of security that you are completely current.
  2. Your marketing team implements initiatives without buyer alignment.
  3. Continue with waterfall method of execution vs. agile marketing.


Are You Evolving with the Buyer?

Marketing strategy is evolving at a fast pace. Are Buying Process Maps (BPMs) at the core of your marketing strategy? If you don’t know what a ‘BPM’ is, you are on the road to obsolescence.


A buyer-centered marketing process should be the center of your marketing strategy. Your team needs a solid strategic plan supported by modern buyer processes.  The following points impacts marketing strategy:


  • Buying Process Mapping (BPM) to the micro-decision
  • Alignment of content to the buying process
  • Creation of Event content that drives a prospective lead through the funnel


Your marketing plan must include the latest best practice approaches.  This will enable you to engage prospects early in the buying process.  A great plan without process doesn’t get off the ground.  A great process without a plan is pointless.


Adopting the Agile Approach

Top CMO’s are perfecting the agile approach to marketing campaigns. If you are not sure what Agile Marketing is, you are definitely obsolete. An agile process is a common point of operation for CMOs considered for top positions.  CMOs who combine strategic marketing with an agile process approach are in high demand.


Agile execution is created by adopting a responsive culture across your team. The team executing the marketing plan should be making quick decisions. Focus on data and quickly optimize. Improvements are made within days. The team takes advantage of the opportunity to adjust a campaign or stop it all together. The result is typically increased ROI and making the number.


Key Takeaway:

The gap between great CMOs and Obsolete CMOs is growing. CMOs often start at the top of their game and can easily become obsolete. Learn what Top CMOs are doing to keep pace at the top. World Class CMOs gravitate toward marketing contribution accountability.


  • Evolve with buyers
  • Develop event-based nurture content
  • Execute Agile Marketing


Take the Marketing Leader Best Practices Assessment. Perform a gap assessment to guard against becoming obsolete.