Average revenue coming from regions outside the U.S. is now 49 percent at SBI 100 companies, which constitute the world’s largest sales forces. As a result, CEOs and chief sales officers are leaning on regional sales leaders to hit their number each year. The days when one over-performing region might cover for another are fading fast.


Shift in Hiring Practices 

Knowledge of culture, language, business trends, and emerging best practices in localized markets is in high demand. The shift has been to hire “A-Players” with these skills from within the region. Example titles include VP of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa); VP of APJ (Asia-Pacific and Japan); VP of LATAM (Latin America); and VP of North America.


Strategic Alignment
To drive success, leaders must align the regional sales divisions with the overall sales strategy—and avoid treating localized sales teams as an afterthought. In fact, some regional leaders have greater responsibilities than the head of sales in a mid market company. The chief sales officer’s role is to set a macro sales strategy that aligns with the CEO’s corporate strategy, and then work with regional leaders in customizing the macro sales strategy to meet localized needs.


SBI 100 The World's Largest Sales Forces

In this issue, we rank the world’s largest sales forces.


Josh Horstmann

Brings a deep level of experience and insight in helping organizations develop and execute their corporate, sales and marketing strategies.

Josh specializes in helping clients solve demanding sales and marketing challenges through aligning functional strategies within an organization. He has worked with clients in manufacturing, ecommerce, software, financial services and technology sectors.


Recently he helped transform an international services company ‘go to market’ strategy, which included assessing talent, re-organizing the sales force, increasing team productivity, reducing the cost of sale and aligning the marketing and sales strategies.


Josh continues to provide thought leadership to his clients advising them on how to build inside sales teams, develop compensation programs, share best practices on social selling, transform sales organizations, drive demand generation programs and acquire and cultivate talent. Along with this he helps organizations align functional strategies.


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