Jamey Heinze, CMO of iGrafx, shares his insights into how product, marketing, and sales can establish a meaningful interlock. With a unique background in sales, product management, and marketing, Jamey is one of the most capable revenue leaders to speak on this topic.


Our guest today is Jamey Heinze, the Chief Marketing Officer at iGrafx. Jamey has a unique background with significant experience in sales for the first 1/3rd of his career, and then product management for nearly a decade, and now as a senior marketing executive for the past ten years. We can’t think of a better guest to have the insights from sales, product, and marketing to serve as our expert guest on the topic of functional interlock.


Today we are going to demonstrate how a marketing executive establishes a meaningful interlock between marketing and your peers in sales and product development.


Why is this important? Companies that are aligned internally and externally are four times more likely to make their revenue number, according to SBI’s annual research report.


Each of the topics below are timestamped so you can easily find what interests you most. 


Segment 1: How the Marketing Leader Creates Interlock with Product Management


  • A unique career path. minute 3:22
  • Establishing interlock with product development. minute 6:36
  • Interactions and cadence to support interlock. minute 8:32
  • The importance of empathy. minute 11:45


Skip to minute 5:59 to hear Jamey say:


“Sales, if you do it right, teaches you empathy for the customer. Product taught me empathy for the sales guys. If they don’t have a product that’s easy to buy and sell it’s difficult for everyone. Being a marketing leader and overseeing all of it has taught me empathy for the company. Specifically, if the company doesn’t have the right culture to support product and sales they’re constantly fighting an uphill battle…” 


Segment 2:  Achieving and Maintaining Interlock with Sales as a Marketing Executive 


  • Real meaning of a marketing-to-sales interlock. minute 13:45 
  • Interlock metrics.  minute 17:40


Listen to minute 18:10 when Jamey talks staying interlocked with your peer in sales. 


“Nothing is set in stone. It can’t be. What you put on paper is a living document that doesn’t get put on a shelf and expected to live on its own. It has to be updated weekly. A best practice is having a meeting with your peer in sales where you’re looking at a documented score card …” 


Segment 3: Interlock Changes to Make the First 6 Months as CMO


  • The Situation… Determining what was needed to be accomplished in the first six months. minute 20:37
  • The Opportunity… How to prioritize what went first, second, and why.  minute 22:25
  • The Result… What are the expected results and follow-up goals. minute 23:46


Skip to minute 21:39 to hear Jamey discuss the problems he walked into in his first six months and how he solved them:


“I learned that what I consider the heart of the demand generation engine, the CRM and marketing automation systems were lacking in terms of data, cleanliness, and how they were being used…”


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