Everything You Need to Plan Your 2016 Sales Strategy


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In order to make your number in 2016, your Sales Strategy must fit seamlessly into this six-step process.


What exactly does that mean? It means you have to have a solid understanding of not just what your team needs to deliver, but also how your insights will inform other teams.


Here’s what you need to know to prep your Sales plan for 2016.


Your Sales Strategy must fit seamlessly into this six-step process. Where does my Sales Strategy fit into the hierarchy?


The hierarchy of Strategic Alignment flows as follows:


  1. Market Research
  2. Corporate Strategy
  3. Product Strategy
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Sales Strategy
  6. Talent Strategy


According to this outline, your Sales Strategy depends on insights from Market Research, Corporate, Product, and Marketing. In other words, you can’t develop your Sales Strategy until you have the necessary information from these departments.


On the other hand, Talent depends on your insights. And they can’t flesh out their 2016 plan until you’ve nailed down yours.


What does my Sales Team need to accomplish?

In order to make your number in 2016, the Sales Team must build on insights from the external marketplace to address how they will achieve the revenue objective. A Sales Strategy allocates resources efficiently to drive selling costs down and revenues up.


Solidifying this strategy requires making key choices about which Sales programs to invest in and which ones to forgo.


These goals are sufficient for guiding your own team and pulling from other departments. But how can you be sure your strategy strategically aligns with the others?


What questions must I be able to answer in relation to the company?

Your team depends on four other departments’ strategies, and Talent depends on you. For example, Sales can’t decide which programs to invest in without an understanding of the new products offerings. And Talent can’t staff for new initiatives without knowing how many feet they need on the ground.


In order to be sure you’re doing your part in the six-step process, ask your team these five questions:


  1. How is the Sales Strategy using the insights from Market Research to drive the allocation of resources?
  2. How is the Sales Strategy taking direction from the Corporate Strategy to drive the allocation of resources?
  3. How does the Product Strategy impact the Sales Strategy?
  4. How does the Marketing Strategy impact the Sales Strategy?
  5. What does the Talent Strategy need from the Sales Strategy to be successful?


Best-in-class Sales leaders can clearly articulate their 2016 strategies, including answers to the questions outlined above. You can document your answers on page 32 of our guide to making your number in 2016.


Only by following these steps can you be sure that your Sales team is properly equipped to beat the 2016 estimates.


Aaron Bartels

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