Seven Levels of BenchmarkingThere may have been a time when once a sales strategy worked, a company could “live” off of it for several years. Those times are gone now.  


This is my opinion, and my opinion by itself, is not reason to change.  I offer some stats from my friends at Hubspot and Forrester Research to support my view. 


Included with each fact, I provide some interpretive commentary.


  •  78% of B2B buyers start their research for products online
    • Many sales strategies today start with off line demand generation activities, such as trade show attendance, direct mail, and cold calling. Yet, their dream potential customers no longer respond to those tactics.


  • 200 million Americans have registered for the FTC’s “Do Not Call List”.
    • When was the last time you answered the desk phone in your office? My guess is it has been a while. Your prospects do not answer it either so why do you have your sales people calling them?


  • 91% of B2B buyers have unsubscribed to a company email they had previously opted-In
    • Sales leaders are executing “spray and pray” email marketing campaigns.  Sending a prospect an unsolicited email discussing something they don’t care about is the fastest way to reduce the potency of your marketing database. Update your sales strategy to include a buyer’s journey and send prospects things of interest to them, but only after they have given you permission to do so.


  • 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through the company blog.
    • You are reading my blog right now. It is the top lead producer for my firm. Yet, many sales strategies are void of blogging. Heading into 2012, not having a blog as part of your sales strategy signals to your prospects you have become obsolete.


  • Inbound marketing lead costs $143 vs. outbound marketing lead cost of $373
    • Lead generation budgets have been reduced. This requires a sales strategy that can produce more leads for fewer dollars. Yet, many current sales strategies are still based on outbound efforts.  If there was ever a statistic that proves a new sales strategy is required, this is it.



I urge those of you still clinging to the past to reconsider your sales strategy. The job security and income of your people depend on it.


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