Marketing success requires Legacy marketing staff to evolve - perform an assessment of demand generation.

There is a sure path to conquer these challenges. A long-term, sustainable answer is at your fingertips. Invest in the sure path of capability development. Start by downloading this valuable tool and reading through the rest of this blog post.


Legacy Teams Need to Evolve


Marketing leaders have an urgent need to evolve rapidly. 


  • Studies reveal that delivering a hard ROI on marketing spend is THE top priority
  • While the adoption of technology should make things easier, the overall complexity of marketing technology has exponentially increased
  • The orchestration of effective marketing campaigns in the past five years requires significant new skill-sets


The three elements for success are People, Processes and Technology.  Having the right ‘People’ in the equation is the top element since people drive success for Process and Technology.  The answer rests in having the right people, yet legacy staff are struggling to keep up. 




The biggest challenge facing almost every b2b sales force is the lack of quality leads from marketing.  Marketing leaders struggle to generate quality ‘sales ready’ leads. Generating quality leads starts with the ability to drive inquiries into the very top of the funnel through effective Demand Generation.  Yet there are major voids in most company’s Demand Generation capability.  To make matters more complex, the acquisition of leads must be done with an ROI-based return. 


Conquering the challenge of driving an ROI-driven demand generation program requires the marketing team to acquire new capabilities.  This is incredibly difficult when faced with a high percentage of legacy staff.   It’s very common to find marketing leaders struggle with long-term staff that settled into comfortable work patterns long ago and let the world move past them.  This dynamic can be common among established companies.  Market leading companies who have thrived in the past are facing new levels of competition and have legacy marketing staff without the experience to go toe-to-toe with hungry competitors.


Marketing leaders have two levers to pull:


  1. Add New Blood – Make the business case for adding new proven staff to the team.  Or replace ineffective staff with ringers.  New talent sets a new pace and infuses outside knowledge into the team.
  2. Evolve Legacy Staff – Coach and challenge long-term staff to invest in their careers by learning new capabilities.  Give them the direction, tools and focus to be successful.  It’s the right thing to do, and almost always successful for those who apply themselves with a constructive spirit.


The ideal situation is to have an infusion of new talent combined with your legacy staff providing the best of both worlds. 


The Solution


Take the focus off the individual contributor.  Resist the temptation to build the business around the person.  Instead focus on assessing and building specific capabilities based on the needs of the business.  This is done by identifying the capabilities required to accomplish your Demand Generation objectives.  Once the capabilities are identified, then roles can be defined and the right staff can be married to the role. This approach takes incredible pressure off the individual, and gives them a focused role to be successful.


Once legacy staff are assigned to a role (based on their experience and skillset), then resources are assign as well as any necessary training to make them successful.   The steps buiding a robust Demand Generation capability include:


  1. Identify the capabilities required for successful Demand Generation
  2. Assess the ‘as is’ state of your existing Demand Generation capabilities
  3. Define roles to execute the capabilities and assign/hire staff to match the roles


Team Capability Assessment


The most difficult part of this process can be steps 1 & 2.  Click here to download SBI’s proven Demand Generation Staff Assessment. 


Demand Generation Capability Assessment Tool


The tool includes a sample assessment to provide you with insights into the typical health status of a b2b marketing team’s demand generation capabilities. Identify the gulfs, gaps and areas of alignment for your team. 


This valuable tool breaks down capabilities into Strategic and Tactical elements, and provides a guided description. 


In Summary


Assess the right mix of capabilities to accomplish your the Demand Generation objectives of your overall Lead Generation program.   The success rate for Legacy staff evolution increases significantly when individuals are fitted to ideal suited roles, and this tool molds the capabilities of the team around the needs of the business.



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