Tim Brackney, President and Chief Operating Officer at RGP, shares how to foster a growth culture in today's environment.

It’s hard to imagine a time where calendars weren’t inundated with video calls and discussions around your digital sales transformation. With a virtual revolution upon us, how can you maintain the personal aspects that define your culture internally and externally?


On today’s show, Tim Brackey, President and COO of RGP, joins us to discuss how to translate culture from on-prem to a virtual world:


  • Understanding “indie-ployment” and how it may define the future of talent
  • Fostering a growth culture and how to measure it
  • Developing digital capabilities to meet buyer expectations


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Developing a Culture to Withstand the Pandemic and Beyond


  1. Exploring the concept of “indie-ployment.” minute 3:50
  2. Navigating access and intimacy in a virtual world. minute 6:21
  3. Fostering a growth culture. minute 9:31
  4. Account management and getting deals done. minute 12:35
  5. RGP’s Digital Evolution. minute 15:01


“Don’t abandon culture. I think it’s really easy to think about how tools and the pandemic have forced us into this sense that, ‘hey, we can do things,’ but the ability to do things and wanting to do things are totally different things. If you don’t nurture the culture, especially for new colleagues coming into your firm, they won’t get the benefit of that connective tissue that ties everybody together… And they’re going to find people who figured out how to transfer the soul of their company into a virtual world.”



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