50 tips quality leadsYou are exposed to hundreds of pieces of content a day.  You find yourself having no time to figure out what is relevant vs. noise. You are competitive and want to outmaneuver your competitors. Let me net it out for you. These tips represent best practices from leading Sales & Marketing organizations. 


The first 25 tips are listed below. To get all 50 tips and greater insight into the latest research, download them here.


50 Tips to Make it Rain Quality Leads


  1. Convert Ideal Customer Profiles into Buyer Personas and Buying Process Maps. Tweet This Tip
  2. Only the prospect can move from one buying stage to the next. A rep cannot. Tweet This Tip
  3. Get out of social media denial.  Social Selling has become mission critical. Tweet This Tip
  4. Turn your sales and marketing teams social profiles into marketing channels. Tweet This Tip
  5. LinkedIn profiles should not focus on personal accomplishments. Focus the LinkedIn profiles on how they help your buyers. Tweet This Tip
  6. Buyers will search Google before doing business. What will they find? Tweet This Tip
  7. Benchmark your content marketing – prospects decide if they are going to buy from you before talking to a sales rep. Tweet This Tip
  8. By the time you pass the lead to the sales rep, the customer has completed more than 57% of the buying process. Tweet This Tip
  9. Establish the common definition of a “qualified lead” with both Sales & Marketing. Tweet This Tip
  10. When qualifying a lead, understand the difference between interest and intent. Tweet This Tip
  11. Match web form submissions to 3rd party databases to validate and enrich your understanding of the prospective buyer. Tweet This Tip
  12. Put together the “A” team.  You can’t do it all yourself.  Hire a team you can depend on that complements your particular strengths and weaknesses. Tweet This Tip
  13. Hiring ‘A’ players takes more than a 1 hour interview. Tweet This Tip
  14. Prioritize recycled leads over all other leads sources.  Third time is a charm. Tweet This Tip
  15. Centralized lead generation outperforms decentralized lead generation. Tweet This Tip
  16. Execute – knowing how to do something is more important than knowing what to do. Tweet This Tip
  17. Learn your prospects preferences- over the phone, text, email, social, etc. Tweet This Tip
  18. Invest in lead development reps before filling sales rep positions. Tweet This Tip
  19. Mystery shop your competitors. How do they market and sell? Tweet This Tip
  20. Making decisions with your gut no longer makes sense.  Leverage data to provide insights. Tweet This Tip
  21. Leading indicators are better than lagging indicators. Which metrics are you looking at? Tweet This Tip
  22. Establish a referral program – Referral leads convert at a higher rate than non-referred leads Tweet This Tip
  23. Build a campaign planning framework for effective execution. Tweet This Tip
  24. Create a lead nurturing process that includes a lead return to nurture path. Tweet This Tip
  25. Be certain that marketing’s mission matches that of the CEO and VP of Sales.  You might be surprised. Tweet This Tip


These are only half the tips available to you. Get all 50 free here.


50 Tips to Make it Rain Quality Leads



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