You have finally come to the realization. It is time to look for a new job. As a VP of Sales, you know average tenure is only 19 months. You probably have beaten the odds, hit the number and are successful. However, frustration has set in for many reasons. Although you have made your numbers, other factors have influenced this decision. Maybe it is internal politics or being passed up for a promotion. It is time to start looking to move to another company.


Are you prepared to move on? Should you? Are you attractive to other employers? What has changed that you should be aware of to get a better position? Download our Personal Attractiveness Test. It will:


  • Assess how attractive to other employers you are in the changing sales world
  • Give you recommendations on how to improve yourself before the job search begins
  • Provide tips to help you look for a job without your boss finding out. (This is more difficult today than just 6 months ago).


There are four important secrets you must follow to get a new gig. This is defined as one that suits your Ideal Company Profile. These four secrets are:


  1. Is it a growing industry or product?
  2. One that provides your ideal life? (Do you even know what an ideal life is?)
  3. Allows increased personal or family time?
  4. Has high salary? Or a high Target Earnings? (If that is even important to you)


Figure out your Ideal Company Profile: What factors interest you the most as a Sales VP in a company? Some questions you must answer:


Below are factors that equal what my Ideal Company Profile is. These have changed over time (Which is why I left some companies at certain times in my life. And why I didn’t pursue the industry that I had worked in before). Look at the difference since 1995:



Establishing your Ideal Company Profile allows you to target certain companies. In fact, if you     can’t find your Ideal Company you might start your own. Only when you truly are happy can you maximize your productivity and results.


Improve your Social Profile:   The resume is dead. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be spectacular. This means it has to be outward in. Don’t tell me what you did. Tell me what you can do for me. Confused? Take a look at Randy Briley: Randy had an inward out profile. 3 years ago he had 87 connections that were all internal within his company. Now he as 1200+ connections who are quality decision makers who can help him. Improving your profile will change your life. Whether it’s a new gig or more business.


Increase your Reach: Who you know is more important than what you know. The quality of your connections are more important than the quantity. It amazes me that people have 1500+ connections. But when you dig into the quality, it is made up of internal people. Who really cares that you are connected to your sales reps? Get connected to people that make a difference: CEOs; CSOs and CHROs. These people can hire you or know someone who is.


Pay it forward with Social Debt: Never ask someone to do anything for you without doing it for them first. Establishing social debt means earning the right to ask. Ask for a referral, introduction or even job. For example, by establishing social debt the referral will be of much higher quality. The introduction will be more impactful. Or the ask for a new position will actually come true. Remember this: Empty requests mean lousy returns.


When you have completed the four steps above you can start your job search. This puts you into the correct place to maximize your efforts. Why? Unlike other professions, the most successful sales hires have come from referrals. We notice most Sales VPs get their positions from promotion or referral. You can leverage your network and social debt to get these job referrals. Trying to drive success from recruiters or online job postings severely limits your success.


Call to Action:

If you are serious about leaving, do these things:


  • Download the Personal Attractiveness Test: Completing this tool gauges your success in actually getting a new gig.
  • Complete the four secrets above: Don’t skip identifying your Ideal Company Profile. It will make all the difference.
  • Understand your STL (Sacrifice Tolerance Level): How willing are you to achieve your goals? Work 100 hours a week? Read 3 books a month? Test your resolve against difficult situations? Most people are not willing to do whatever it takes.
  • Network with another Sales VP at one of your Ideal Company: You can’t learn about the job without mystery shopping the company.
  • Get moving: Delayed action just makes you more resentful. Start today on the 4 secrets above.


There is a word of caution though. It is critical to be confident in your move. The ‘grass isn’t always greener.’ Evaluate how your current job compares to your now Ideal Company Profile. The minute your boss thinks you are looking, trust will be lost. Most people who are ‘saved’ by their current company don’t last long term. Don’t compromise either for an inferior role. Ask yourself these important questions. “Am I going somewhere that I want to be? Or running from someplace I hate?”