Jack Molloy, EVP of Worldwide Sales and Services for Motorola, demonstrates how a worldwide sales leader can transform the sales force of a publicly traded company.


Our guest on SBI TV is Jack Molloy, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Services for Motorola Solutions. Jack has transformed the sales force and generated tremendous growth in shareholder value.  Jack is here today to share how he made that transformation happen.


Jack and I discuss how a worldwide sales leader transformed the sales force of a publicly traded company. To follow along, leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook and turn to the Sales Strategy section found on pages 342 – 423. 


This is a powerful show where Jack shares his approach to assessing the sales force both in terms of talent and performance conditions (process, structure, etc.). Turn to the 7:30-minute mark of the video to watch how Jack discusses what initiatives he prioritizes to make the sales force transformation happen, and why he chose that initiative over others. If you would like to download the full transcript in a word document, click here.


Matt and Jack discuss how his team drive adoption of the evolution of the sales force at Motorola Solutions:


“When a company is going through a change transformation, one: you’ve got to make sure that people have bought into what you’re going to do throughout the process. So, with what we were trying to do with our core go-to-market selling motion, I wasn’t just trying to outsource the work to my team, I wanted them to feel like they own this transformation. And when they own the implementation, they also own the accountability for its success. We talk about adoption, but accountability is the key. Let your team know what their responsibilities are and how they’re going to be held accountable for those responsibilities. Let them know what is expected. For example, I expect my team to update me on their progress and show me the actions they’ve taken and the direct results of those actions. So then, when we’re asked those questions about outcomes, we can show what actions we took to get to where we are in the process. Not everything is perfect, but this practice allows me to make sure I’m asking the right questions and that I’ve made sure the sales leaders have bought into our approach throughout the process.”


Jack shares what he attempted to accomplish with the sales force transformation, what he expected to gain as a result of the transformation, and the results of the transformation:


“We’ve been in an acquisition spree for the last couple years. And so, I look at it now, and I think the next step is to truly get better as a selling organization. They need to internalize and personalize the acquisitions we need and weave them into an account plan. That’s best practice. It’s important that we’re prepared, and when it comes time to have to sit in front of the board or talk to investors, we’re ready to impress. It’s never the easiest things, but the hardest things that we have to look at and assess. And I have full faith in the team that we will ultimately take these assets and grow our company’s acquisitions and revenue, because we’re in an enviable position to do that.” 


When you look at the growth number for 2018 and 2019, and you’re thinking about a strategy for revenue growth and increasing enterprise value, how should you prioritize recurring revenue, inorganic synergy, core revenue growth, and operating leverage? Skip to the 38-minute mark of the video to watch Jack give a detailed answer to and elaborate on this question, describing how he has developed inorganic synergy and fostered organic growth.


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