Do you have the right sales talent in the right performance conditions? Both talent, and your organization’s conditions, are paramount to your success. And to your ability to hit your revenue growth goals. Listen as my colleague, Matt Sharrers, Partner at SBI, and I discuss the importance of talent in relation to your sales strategy.


During the show, we will discuss topics such as:


  • Why sales rep profiles are key to your sales strategy.
  • The definition of talent assessments, and why you must identify both talent strengths and gaps.
  • How to source top sales talent for your organization.
  • How to onboard and develop your sales talent.
  • Identifying candidates with the ability to fill key leadership positions.


In order to hit your revenue growth number this year and next, you need to be sure you are addressing your talent strategy in addition to your sales strategy. Listen as Matt and I discuss how drive and execute your talent strategy for your sales team. After listening, download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It addresses how to make sure you have the best team to hit your number.