Integrating your marketing strategy with your corporate strategy, your product strategy and your sales strategy is not an easy feat. But it is paramount to your success. This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing video podcast, we speak with Robin Saitz, chief marketing officer at Brainshark, about how to integrate your marketing strategy organization-wide.


Robin begins the show by sharing Brainshark’s corporate strategy. She will then dig into how to create marketing strategies with input from both sales and product strategies. And how to sell the new marketing plan to the entire executive team, from the CEO down. Robin will also discuss three practical steps to developing a marketing strategy that our audience can implement immediately.


Too often marketing strategies are developed in a silo environment. This means the other executive leaders are not leveraging the marketing strategy when they develop their plans. This creates misalignment and missed revenue growth goals. Instead, watch Robin’s example as a way to understand how to integrate the marketing strategy across the organization. With everyone on the same page, you will be able to get the results you need.