Speakers: George Norton | , SBI



George Norton is the head of the chief sales officer practice at Heidrick & Struggles.  If you are not familiar with Heidrick & Struggles, they are the world’s top executive search firm.  As a Partner in the firm, George gets hired by CEOs to fill the role of head of sales.  George has been with the firm for 20 years.  He has helped more technology CEOs recruit sales leaders than anyone I know. 



I recently interviewed George.  During the 30 minute conversation here, George explained:


  • The 3 scenarios that cause a CEO to look for a new sales leader.
  • The resume specifications a CEO requires when building a short list of candidates.
  • The thought process used by CEOs to decide who to make a job offer to.
  • How a job candidate can position him/herself best to win the job.
  • The pay range, and comp structure, for the modern head of sales.
  • How search firms, and CEOs, perform “back door” reference checks.


If these bullet points are interesting to you, download the podcast here.  Next time you are on the exercise machine, on your morning commute, or standing in line, listen to it.


If you are a CEO, and are wondering if you need a new sales leader, listen to this.  It might help you think through this.


If you are a head of sales, and are looking for the next adventure, listen to this.  It might help you increase your marketability.


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