Steve Blum, CRO and EVP Worldwide Field Operations at Autodesk, joins us to discuss the evolving commercial model and the talent required in a post-pandemic world.

Organizations have had to drastically reimagine their revenue model since last year to accommodate the new era of digital. However, some companies anticipated this shift much earlier in advance and were able to adapt and scale quicker than their competitors. Autodesk is among those whose strategy pre-pandemic allowed them to weather 2020 unscathed.


On today’s show, Steve Blum, Autodesk CRO and EVP Worldwide Field Operations, joins us to discuss topics that are top of mind for commercial leaders navigating the second half of 2021, including:


  • Revenue Model Shifts Pre and Post-Pandemic
  • Talent Requirements For a Frictionless Customer Experience
  • Getting Your Organization to Work as a Team


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President Advisory Board Spring Insights


  1. Autodesk’s strategy shift pre-pandemic. minute 2:36
  2. The evolution of the go-to-market model. minute 5:08
  3. The talent required in the commercial model. minute 9:29
  4. Successfully enabling your sales reps. minute 13:56


Skip to minute 17:45 to hear Steve discuss how commercial leaders should approach training their sales teams:


“It’s not just important to enable and train all of those different elements for all those different roles to be effective in the new model. We also have to train them on how they work together and how do they work as a team because the customer doesn’t want to think about our organizations. They want to think of us as their partner, and it’s a singular partner, not the organizational map behind the partner. So we’ve learned that not only do we have to train folks to become really good at what they do, but they also have to be really good on the team and work together as one team. When you do that well, that’s the secret sauce to providing a great experience to your customers.”


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