Manny Guzman, CEO at CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, joins us to share how he leveraged the fundamentals of CAS to accelerate in the market.
Over the last 6 months, there have only been an elite few known as “Accelerators” — those companies that have thrived in a recessionary environment.


One such company is CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. By expediting the growth strategies they already had in motion, CAS gained a first mover advantage in their market and continues to widen the gap ahead of competitors.


On today’s show, CAS’ CEO, Manuel Guzman, joins SBI Managing Director Andrew Urteaga to discuss the fundamentals that an organization must have in place to be able to seize unexpected opportunities.


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Responding to COVID Opportunities From a Global Business Services Leader


  1. Navigating the changing customer demand in the marketplace. minute 5:00
  2. How the pandemic accelerated solutions and strategies at CAS. minute 8:06
  3. How CAS responded to emerging trends in the market. minute 11:18
  4. 3 steps to driving execution with a virtual sales team on a global scale. minute 12:39
  5. The advantage of a multi-year evolution in 2021 planning. minute 15:21
  6. Building a Revenue Growth Culture. minute 17:46


Skip to minute 9:25 to hear Manny discuss how CAS’ structure and culture gave them an advantage to grow during the pandemic: “When COVID hit, we were built in such a way that we could immediately convene as a leadership team, talk about the opportunity associated with the environmental disruption, and then just turn our engine on, redirect the ship, and start accelerating the strategy…”


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