Kevin Boyce, CEO of Higher Logic, joins us to discuss the impact of community and engagement on revenue and customer experience.

Any CEO can attest to the current level of difficulty in closing deals. Customer sentiment and individual mind share are in high demand, and even with everyone online, many fail to adequately engage their communities in order to access their full potential.


On today’s show, Kevin Boyce, CEO of Higher Logic, joins us to discuss new ways of building and leveraging your internal and external communities to drive engagement in a virtual world. Kevin shares how the company pivoted its strategy to meet today’s demands and new ways they have been able to enable and communicate to the organization amid their digital evolution.


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The Impact of Community and Engagement on Revenue and CX


  1. How Higher Logic pivoted its CX strategy to drive clarity. minute 3:34
  2. The impact of community and engagement both internally and externally. minute 8:05
  3. How CEO’s can drive retention and expansion in their communities. minute 13:16
  4. Capturing individual sentiment and the return on engagement. minute 16:32
  5. Reimaging Go-to-Market amid your digital evolution. minute 19:20


Skip to minute 17:42 to hear Kevin discuss how CEO’s should be thinking about their return on engagement:


“This concept of return on engagement is, there are easily hard dollar costs that you can see from a return on investment… It’s knowing that you’re working with a customer that is a strategic thought leader in their space, as they’re thinking about their digital content strategy, their knowledge sharing, and nothing is more powerful than your customers representing that to your other customers and prospects.”


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