Today Nestor Benavides, CEO of EMG, joins us to discuss how a CEO can establish new forms of communication that not only drive the culture but deliver continuous improvement. Nestor shares how he perpetuates a strong culture within his organization through effective communication, objective conversations, and active company values.

Today Nestor Benavides, CEO of EMG, joins us to discuss how a CEO can establish new forms of communication that not only drive the culture but deliver continuous improvement. Nestor reviews how he shapes a culture that empowers his team to deliver desired results for the client and the company.


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Segment 1: Achieving Clarity With the Executive Team


  • Establishing a team consensus through active alignment and communication to make gains. minute 3:29
  • Mobilize direct reports to feel empowered in the organization. minute 5:17
  • How Nestor has evolved to create a supportive environment. minute 6:55


Skip to minute 6:00 to hear how Nestor faces a challenge many CEO’s encounter, to make people value others: 


“If you focus on the disagreements that it’s hard to convey value. If you start with respect to their intention and appreciate their contribution, then it gives you a lot of space to discuss disagreement…”


Segment 2: Separating Fact and Fiction as a CEO


  • Discovering the truth through objective understanding. minute 9:12
  • How Nestor encourages his sales team to expand conversations with clients to grow revenue. minute 12:57
  • Instilling a symbiotic relationship with the sales team. minute 14:53 


Skip to minute 10:44 to hear how Nestor asks questions with the intent to understand instead of searching for an answer:


“I’ve been looking for the answer my whole life… And this gentleman says, ‘In business, the questions are always the same. The answers change, and so, if you’re asking yourself the question constantly and then you’re acting on the answers that you hear, you steer in the right way, but don’t get committed to the answer. Get committed to the question and keep asking it and that allows you to continue to steer’…” 


Segment 3: Benefits of a Powerful and Unique Culture


  • Activating values for both sales culture and company culture. minute 17:37

Skip to minute 18:28 to hear how Nestor views his role in the company culture.


“I think a CEO doesn’t create the culture. I think the CEO is a catalyst for the culture and so, I try to aspire to it. I try to live up to, and it’s in every conversation… It’s in every decision that we make. It’s in every policy that we put out there. I think the key is to be constantly thoughtful…”


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