Every Chief Executive Officer wants a sales team to be armed to win deals and make the number. If they are not winning, then the CEO needs a team to fix the problem.  This article outlines the optimal attributes of the right team of problem solvers.


There are many reasons for not making the number. You certainly can’t rule out the possibility your executive team is the problem.  But usually the team in place is gifted.  They are groomed specialists equipped to excel in their area of focus. To pull them away from the day-to-day can make matters worse. To keep them focused, the CEO needs to look for a different set of skills.


The Change Agent


Internal or outsourced Sales Effectiveness consulting firms are agents of change. Here are four characteristics the good ones.



  • Know how. Good problem solvers are subject matter experts. They are experience-based practitioners with a proven track record of successful change.


  • Bandwidth. Their time is devoted to nothing else but change. Some companies have dedicated internal teams. Other companies need to partner with an outsourced solution.


  • Motivation. A change agent typically has a “high risk, high reward” mindset. They effect change in spite of company politics or the status quo. Their performance is compensated by the change they make.


  • Actualization. Change agents have a passion for change.  Marketing thrives on branding and lead generation. Sales thrives on winning deals.  Agents of change find fulfillment in fixing problems. 


6 Key Attributes to Expect in Your Solution 


  • High quality proposed solution. Canned solutions end up where they started: on the shelf. Tailored solutions result in meeting your objectives and making your number.
  • History of performance. Good firms or teams obtain results. They demonstrate composure under pressure and a proven track record of success.
  • Qualified at what they do. Experience-based problem solvers are the most effective. Tools and methods that are built are proven to have worked in real world situations.
  • Effective approach. The problem solver should be agile.  Constantly refining their solution through research, trial, and error.
  • Relationship builder. Cultural fit is critical to the solution adoption. The good firms are enthusiastic about helping you.
  • Focused. They understand your goals and objectives. They ask questions that are relevant and focused on change.


If you need to correct course to make the number, you need a team of problem solvers. When selecting the right solutoin for your company, download the Sales Consultant Selection Scorecard


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