Jarrod Johnson, Chief Customer Officer at TaskUs, shares how to apply SaaS best practices to grow a services business.

For many services companies who achieve exponential growth within narrow timeframes, they often find themselves lagging in critical operational areas, including go-to-market.


Jarrod Johnson, Chief Customer Officer at TaskUs, found himself in a similar situation but was able to remain as agile as he was during the company’s startup years. Jarrod joins Scott Gruher, Senior Partner, SBI, on today’s show to discuss how executing SaaS best practices allowed TaskUs to achieve manageable growth by:


  • Creating a scalable sales system
  • Implementing a high-growth marketing engine
  • Building a data-driven customer experience


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Segment 1: Creating a Scalable Sales System


  1. How TaskUs uses SaaS best practices to drive results. minute 1:49
  2. How a focus on verticals helps to retain and grow sales talent. minute 3:38


Segment 2: Building a High Growth Marketing Engine


  1. How TaskUs identifies and reaches their ideal customer base. minute 5:18
  2. Finding the right balance between marketing and sales to reach the market. minute 6:51
  3. Building a loyal customer base. minute 8:33


Segment 3: Building a Data-Driven Customer Experience


  1. Customer Experience vs. Customer Support. minute 11:03
  2. Discussing customer experience with the market. minute 12:17
  3. Measuring the engagement of your customer base. minute 13:03


“The other thing I think we do well is we really embrace what we’re learning from the marketplace, what we’re learning from our clients, what we’ve done to improve over time. People like that raw, transparent kind of environment.”



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