Brad Christian, Chief Customer Officer at Conversity, joins us to discuss the common mistakes organizations make along their digital journey and how to combat them.

Nearly 1 year ago, the economy had come to an abrupt halt as many organizations waited to be ushered into a “new normal.” Now, companies worldwide have adapted to new digital capabilities to operate better than ever before, but many still struggle to replicate a personalized customer experience online.


On today’s show, Brad Christian, Chief Customer Officer at Conversity, joins us to discuss how they have helped companies connect with customers in a virtual world while maintaining the personalization of in-person experiences.


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Managing Common Customer Pitfalls During Your Digital Evolution


  1. Brad’s experience during his first 90 days as Chief Customer Officer during a pandemic. minute 3:15
  2. How Conversity helps companies connect with customers as part of their digital evolution. minute 6:11
  3. Why many companies were late to evolve in 2020. minute 8:08
  4. Insights for your continued digital journey. minute 10:48


Skip to minute 14:50 to hear Brad discuss the biggest mistake that companies can make regarding their digital evolution:



“Brands need to be really concerned about how our value system is shifting during the course of this pandemic. And we don’t believe that it’s going to revert back to normal. We actually think these are all going to be real meaningful things that you’ve got to think about. So I guess when you say, “What are the pitfalls?” Thinking that we’re going to get back to normal, thinking that there’s this new normal that we’re going to get to, well, maybe new normal is the right way to call it. But we’re not going to see 2019 again. Everything has fundamentally changed, and trying to be thoughtful about how to embrace that change and lean into it. I think it’s where brands need to really focus.”



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