Meredith Kildow, Chief Revenue Officer of Consilio, discusses how to design, manage, and execute the integration effort when you combine multiple sales forces over time in a series of acquisitions.

Today Meredith Kildow, Chief Revenue Officer of Consilio, joins us to discuss strategies that sales leaders can use to navigate their teams through mergers and acquisitions.


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Segment 1: People and Structure

  • It’s about what’s right, not who’s right minute 3:49
  • Determine the best structure for the new company minute 4:52
  • First focus on integration, then optimization minute 7:02 


Skip to minute 8:28 to hear how Meredith handles internal and external communication during mergers: 


“It all comes back to the ability for you to keep the talent, keep the performance. And this is not just sales. This is across the organization…”


Segment 2: Systems and Processes

  • Identify best practices across the different organizations minute 10:36
  • Determine if/how third parties should support your sales team minute 13:46 
  • Provide a clear internal communication path minute 15:41


Skip to minute 12:12 to listen to Meredith speak about enhancing her systems and processes through collaboration:


“We’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of energy building ours, so we will try as much as possible to build in those great things that we’re bringing into the company, but within sort of a skeleton that we’ve created….” 


Segment 3: Managing Accelerated Timelines

  • Distinguish what needs to be done immediately from what can wait minute 18:02
  • Establish a common culture quickly minute 20:52


Skip to minute 21:42 to hear how Meredith and Consilio integrate a company culture from the first stages of a merger.


“[Reach] out to every salesperson in the beginning in those first few days. They need to feel that accessibility. They need to understand that culture isn’t just words on a page — that that’s truly how the leadership feels…”


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