Steve King, CRO of Hexagon PPM, joins us to discuss the final piece of a successful transformation.

For a CRO leading a transformation, one of the major challenges of evolving a product portfolio is preserving the core customer base while innovating.


In his final interview segment, Steve King, CRO of Hexagon PPM, shares his experience in not only retaining but increasing revenue from existing customers during a transformation.


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Segment 3: Preservation During Innovation


  1. Sustaining the core of a legacy company while bringing in new products. minute 1:48
  2. How the plan for a new product portfolio can build momentum for untapped revenue potential. minute 4:33
  3. The impact of effective enablement on the new product portfolio. minute 5:45


“Being able to assess and size the market, identify the ideal customer profile for us, look at how that lays out around the world, and then look at what we need to put in place to operationalize a plan to execute against that market opportunity — that requires an investment. The nice thing is, our legacy business has a lot of weight behind it that… gives us momentum and buys us a little time to invest in these new areas, which represent untapped potential for us.”


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