Today Eric Vermillion, former CRO of BlueCat, joins us to discuss how revenue leaders can build a legacy in their company that survives their departure. He examines how to lay the foundation for a cohesive sales culture, create interlock within an organization, and ultimately provide leadership for others.

Eric Vermillion, the former CRO of BlueCat, joins us to discuss how revenue leaders can build a legacy in their company that survives their departure. Eric reflects on his role as a CRO and how his leadership through integrations allowed him to develop successors to perpetuate his legacy.


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Segment 1: The Foundation and Legacy of a Sales Culture

  • Leaving a legacy from running a sales organization. minute 4:28
  • Laying the fundamentals for a successful organization through tradition. minute 5:59
  • Developing a sales culture within the company culture. minute 10:31 


Skip to minute 8:05 to hear Eric discuss his views on how leaders can build a successful company culture: 


“If you embrace the ethical gray area, then that can become a cultural thing in a hurry. So you’ve got to realize that when you’re the leader, you’ve got to be firm in your position on both those tangible sales execution things, but also in building the traditions, and then the soft things that make it an interesting place to be…”


Segment 2: How to Get Sales Out of the Silo

  • How full transparency can lead to efficient integrations. minute 12:56
  • Overcoming resistance in your organization. minute 14:27 
  • Activating cross-functional interlock. minute 16:43 


Skip to minute 15:43 to listen to Eric talk about how he empowers his team to feel essential at the forefront:


“Even in some of the biggest companies in the world, there are a handful of deals that make or break any quarter. I like to get functional leaders or their designee every single week on a call to talk about those big deals. It creates an opportunity for people to see what their impact is, and it also creates an opportunity to get them vested in the success of those deals, and in a shared mutual environment for success…” 


Segment 3: Succession Perpetuating a Legacy

  • Eric’s philosophy and passion for being a successful leader and continuing one’s story. minute 19:48
  • How a leader can help their employees reach their full potential. minute 22:23


Skip to minute 21:30 to hear more about how Eric views succession and personal success.


“The lesson is that their story was far from done at that point. And they took it upon themselves to create a legacy by developing future leaders and just the tentacles of what they’ve done. And I think that’s something that you can do in 18 months in sales…”


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