Debra Walton, CRO of Refinitiv, joins us to discuss how the challenges of a global sales team led to accelerated digital opportunities.

As many sales leaders began to adjust to this new world in March, global companies had been acclimating since January. However, the challenges of maintaining business continuity across regional markets also provided the chance to accelerate a very crucial digital transformation.


As an early adapter to this new normal, Debra Walton, Chief Revenue Officer at Refinitiv, saw the opportunity to interact with customers and employees like never before. On today’s show, Debra joins us to discuss how the rapid changes she made out of necessity have quickly proven to be more effective and have established permanence for years to come.


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Accelerating Digital Transformation on a Global Scale


  1. Defining business continuity and how teams and clients have responded. minute 2:01
  2. How the emotional narrative has changed from March to now. minute 7:14
  3. The impact of digital transformation during this time. minute 11:45
  4. Mapping the customer experience in a digital world. minute 17:41


“There’s something about this environment right now that I’ve heard from everybody: it feels like everything’s speeded up… We’re all saying, ‘You know what? People are going to burn out. We’ve got to slow things down.’ But there’s a momentum right now that I think if you’ve been holding off on that opportunity to seize the moment and drive a real step-change in engagement and push to digital, there’s never been a better time to do it than now.”


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