In this segment, Eric Quanstrom, CMO of Cience, joins us to discuss best practices for applying an omnichannel approach to outbound marketing.

With the overwhelming number of marketing channels available today, omnichannel quickly becomes not only expensive but difficult to manage. How do you ensure a good return on your investments?


Here to discuss implementing an omnichannel approach is Eric Quanstrom, CMO at Cience. Eric shares best practices for applying omnichannel to outbound marketing.


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How a Marketing Leader Leverages Omnichannel


  • Omnichannel best practices for outbound minute 4:11


  • How to leverage influencers in your outbound marketing motion minute 5:55


  • Customizing your messages with omnichannel minute 7:56


Skip to minute 8:37 to hear Eric discuss how the most successful campaigns are the ones who can cut through the clutter to engage your target audience.


“Why do conversations start? Well, they start with interest. They start with people leaning in and saying, ‘Huh, maybe my team could benefit from that’… They don’t start with fireworks on the Fourth of July, and fanfare and people marching through the streets saying, ‘I will make an appointment.’ They start with a subtle nudge of, ‘Okay, yeah this is relevant to me. This is interesting.’”


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How a Marketing Leader Normalizes Outbound


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