Do you ever wonder how your company’s rainmakers land big deal after big deal while others let these whales slip through their fingers? Anyone can catch lightning in a bottle, but consistently winning the biggest deals requires an iron-clad opportunity management process and disciplined execution.

Market-leading sales organizations are maniacal about designing and executing their processes. A well-oiled revenue-generating organization deploys a number of tactics to align their assets for maximum effectivity. These tactics can include a comprehensive Deal Desk, a detailed Commercial Management Cadence, and a repository of enablement assets in the form of a Sales Playbook.


Why then do well run organizations see widely varied rep performance with certain players consistently bringing in the most significant deals? Simple—these reps do not just follow the process; they use it to define a unique strategy for each pursuit, staying one step ahead of the buyer to guide them towards the desired outcome.


Understanding where a buyer is in their journey, what motivates them, what the potential blockers are, and what the desired next step is are all crucial pieces of information for a seller as they shepherd a deal. A Win Strategy Document is a vital tool for documenting this information and preparing for each client interaction. Download a Win Strategy Document Template here.



Download the Win Strategy Job Aid Here


What Exactly Is a Win Strategy Document?


A Win Strategy Document is a repository of everything you know about your prospect, where you are in the sales cycle and the considerations that will help or hinder you from advancing the deal. Simply put, it is a roadmap of all the factors influencing your deal and your plan to leverage them.


Use a Win Strategy Document to Answer Key Questions Ahead of Every Interaction:


  • Do we understand each Personas Objectives, Challenges, Means, and Core Metrics?
  • Does the buying decision team agree on the problem?
  • Does the buying decision team agree on the solution?
  • What events compelled or contributed to the origin of this buying event?
  • What is the budget, and how is it being funded?
  • Who are the likely competitors, and where are we weak?


Answering each of these questions will require several factors to be considered in addition to resolving other strategic inquiries found in SBIs Win Strategy Document.


Make a Win Strategy Document a Centerpiece of Your Process


Remember the part about an airtight process being the first step towards developing a strategy to win bigger deals more often? Top reps follow the same process every single time, and a Win Strategy Document is an integral part of that process. Get in the habit of creating a Win Strategy Document every time you enter a new opportunity into your CRM and populate it as you go. By the time you are getting ready for the big meeting, you will have a wealth of information on what drives your buyer and their organization to guide your interaction and increase your chances of winning the deal.


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Using a Win Strategy Document


Buying is an emotional process that is often further complicated by a variety of influences within a client organization. As companies safeguard their bottom line and examine every expense, this process has only become more complex. Understanding where a buyer is in their journey and having a plan to advance them to the next stage are key preparations for every client interaction. Answering and documenting all the questions in a Win Strategy Document will create a clear picture of how you win each interaction.


Football coaches spend countless hours studying their opponents prior to a game. They do not just store this valuable intel in their heads; they document it, share it with their teams, and use it to craft their game plan. A Win Strategy Document is no different and should be used to gather intel on your prospect that can then be used to build a winning strategy.


Incorporating a Win Strategy Document into your existing opportunity management process is key to creating deal-by-deal strategies to elevate execution. If you are committed to outpacing the market, the time to bolster your process is now. Begin winning bigger new logo deals, more often by downloading the Win Strategy Document here.


Download the Win Strategy Job Aid Here


Once you have elevated your opportunity management process by utilizing Win Strategy Documents, it will be time to assess the overall health of your revenue-generating processes. A great place to start this journey is by benchmarking your organization against industry peers. One of the easiest ways to do this is with SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity Diagnostic, available on our website.


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