Bob Layton, CRO of Digital Defense, joins us to discuss the effects of a global pandemic on software companies.

We have seen first hand how the COVID-19 crisis has devastated businesses around the world for weeks. However, as we adapt to a new era of commerce, many companies have found opportunities to reevaluate their strategies and thrive.


On today’s show, Bob Layton, CRO of Digital Defense, joins us to discuss the effect of the pandemic on software companies. Bob shares that while many aspects of their business remain unchanged, like their coverage model, they are finding creative ways to drive revenue and incentivize their teams.


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The Resilience of Software Companies


  1. How SaaS companies are resetting the forecast. minute 1:51
  2. Managing a new cadence with employees and a global community. minute 3:11
  3. Evolving the deal desk to accommodate the current economic conditions. minute 5:06
  4. Revising segmentation and coverage based on your business vertical. minute 6:29


Skip to minute 10:30 to hear Bob discuss how to measure the success of your teams and keep them motivated to withstand the crisis:


“Don’t overreact to what’s going on right now. Stay the course, continue on with your hiring plans as best you’re able. When you think about the ramp-up time of a new person on your sales team, don’t go purely by the new bookings. Take a look at some other things where you can actually get them to focus on.”




Gregg Blatt

Gregg’s role at SBI is to leverage his experience to drive growth for clients by solving the revenue and market growth challenge.

Peers, Clients and CEOs describe Gregg as a transformation strategist and industry thought leader. He has deep experience as a field executive implementing and managing multiple global sales teams.  He has a track record of outstanding performance in IT Services, SaaS and IT Consulting. Prior to joining SBI, Gregg held the position of CRO for Cast Software where he was responsible for global sales and solution delivery. Other executive positions include iRise, Keane, Headstrong, James Martin and Company, Comdisco and NYNEX.  Roles includes executive sales, marketing, delivery and board positions.

Gregg’s career has included everything from branding and transformation programs, field marketing/lead generation, organization, market and comp plan design, sales process and enablement programs to new team rollouts across NA, Europe and APAC.

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