John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, discusses how to navigate common challenges when meeting customer needs in a self-serve world.

With more and more possibilities available to the online consumer, the desire for self-serve options does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon. With more independent and educated customers, where do sales and marketing fit into this new model?


In his last segment, John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, joins us to discuss how to navigate the challenges of meeting customer needs as the demand for self-serve increases. John shares how sales and marketing teams should be thinking about connecting with customers for a memorable and frictionless experience.


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Navigating Common Self-Serve Challenges


  1. Connecting the salespeople with customers. minute 5:15
  2. The challenges of reteaching your sales team to connect with customers. minute 7:29
  3. How marketers should be thinking about their content strategy. minute 11:36

Skip to minute 9:31 to hear John share the fundamentals of a successful sales team:

“I’m really interested in people who really have a fear of failure, personal failure… I want to ask questions of, ‘Were you successful in high school? Were you successful in grade school? Were you successful in college?’ Whatever that is, one of the big drivers is fear of failure. Because I think that they get up and they are going to go do the best they can because they’re just competing with themselves.”

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