Stefano Redditi, EVP of Sales and Marketing for JAS Worldwide, joins us to discuss how he has successfully made this move upmarket to win enterprise customers. Stefano shares his experience from identifying triggers for change to overcoming resistance from the sales team to pull off the transformation.

Moving from an SMB customer base to enterprise customers sounds like an excellent idea when presented in a board room. In reality, it is a very difficult and complicated transformation to pull off.


In today’s interview, we are joined by Stefano Redditi, EVP of Sales and Marketing for JAS Worldwide, to discuss how he has successfully made this move upmarket. Stefano shares his experience from identifying triggers for change to navigating the resistance that accompanied the reorganization.


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Segment 1: The Decision to Move Upmarket


  1. Identifying trigger events to adapt to changes in your upmarket motion. minute 3:33
  2. Managing resistance in the face of change. minute 5:53
  3. The impact of HR during a company-wide reorganization. minute 8:14


Skip to minute 6:45 to hear how Stefano managed opposition within the company.


“How do you defeat the myth? With facts. So I could show them that was not the case with real cases, real numbers… you just have to be convincing. You have to have a solid argument and repeat… Also, you have to be able to listen and accept certain objections.”


Segment 2: Evaluating Performance Conditions


  1. Changing the business ecosystem for a successful transformation. minute 10:18
  2. Choosing the right tools to support the growth rate. minute 13:24


Skip to minute 11:36 to hear Stefano share the moment that changed how JAS managed account profiles.


“Any salesperson in his territory could see in the CRM how many locations of the multinational accounts he had and what he had to do about those accounts or those locations. That was very, very helpful for us. Every account had a global sponsor, that was also in charge to provide a strategy on how to project counsel, where to go, who to see and what to say. This approach is what really changed everything.”


Segment 3: How to Go from “Good” to “Great”


  1. How continuous change is a catalyst for growth. minute 15:42
  2. What the future looks like for JAS. minute 16:53


Skip to minute 17:37 to hear Stefano share the impact of implementing a Global Account Management Program.


“There was a trailblazer, so those guys show us how to do it. But the game-changer, as I said, was when everybody got involved. When everybody got involved, that was a game-changer.”


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