Doug Winter, Founder and CEO of Seismic Software, joins us to discuss how they have remained agile and pragmatic throughout the year to quickly pivot and adapt to market demands.

For market-leading software companies, the changing economic conditions have had a positive effect on the bottom line. But this has not been without their fair share of challenges, especially for those facing a high growth environment.


On today’s show, Doug Winter, Founder and CEO of Seismic Software, joins SBI Managing Director Marc Odenweller to discuss how an accelerating software company could pivot to meet market demands and make pragmatic decisions every step of the way.


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Refreshing the 2020 Strategy


  1. Engaging the board in the new 2020 strategy. minute 9:56
  2. Deciding how to reprioritize bets and remain adaptable for change. minute 11:20
  3. Reallocating resources to execute with excellence. minute 13:18


During minute 6:57, Doug shares how his team reassessed the 2020 plan including where to place big bets:


“We took a step back and went through the planning process in a very rapid way to try to figure out where we could continue to invest and where we needed to be more conservative. And it was not incredibly scientific other than looking at the capacity that we had and what we saw with deals in flight and what we thought the impact might be… Intuitively we felt like what we did was going to be something that companies were going to need and even need more, and that’s proven to be true.”



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