Jim Kruger, CMO at Veeam, joins us to share learnings of how a market-leading software company has evolved over the last 90 days.

For years, the evolution of Marketing leaders has transformed drastically. Today, those changes are even more significant than what their role looked like nearly 90 days ago. Still, there is no telling what the second half of the year will bring for CMOs.


On today’s show, Jim Kruger, CMO at Veeam joins us for a glimpse into how a market-leading software company has been adjusting to the current market conditions and how they are preparing for the back-half of 2020.


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Leveraging Transformation to Win in the Second Half


  1. Changing your perspective on how to reach and resonate with customers. minute 2:41
  2. Strategy wins and losses through COVID-19. minute 7:30
  3. Evaluating marketing budget for the last half of 2020. minute 11:51
  4. Budget reallocating within the partner segmentation. minute 15:50


Skip to minute 9:15 to hear Jim share how Veeam has been successfully generating pipeline with their channel partners:


“We do a lot of trialing and in fact, we’re doing that right now with another targeted ABM type program. I wouldn’t say there’s anything that like, ‘that was absolutely terrible,’ or, ‘stop doing that.’ But I would say, all the things that we’ve done, helping to build that expertise relative to, how do we engage with customers in a virtual day?”


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