Alan Rudolph, veteran Customer Success leader, shares best practices for Customer Success to achieve business objectives.

With the shift towards retention being the new growth, companies have increasingly seen the incremental value that Customer Success brings. If you are still assessing the benefits of a CS function in today’s world, you will fall behind your peers and the market significantly.


On today’s show, Alan Rudolph, veteran Customer Success leader, joins Tony Erickson, Managing Director, SBI, to share best practices for Customer Success and strategic deals in today’s world. Alan shares how he achieves a 360-degree view of the customer and buyer journey and how to leverage CS to drive business outcomes seamlessly.


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Best Practices for CS in a Changing Environment


  1. How CEOs should be thinking about Customer Success leading into 2021. minute 3:50
  2. The business case for continued CS investment. minute 6:51
  3. How to leverage technology to enhance the buyer and customer journey. minute 9:58
  4. Measuring usage patterns for proactive reactions. minute 13:38
  5. Advice for companies still considering a CS function. minute 16:23


Skip to minute 12:00 to hear Alan share the advantages of using software and technology in a virtual world:


“I think as this world is changing as we’re trying to figure out how to interact with our customers… the B2B world at the enterprise level is clearly one of relationship building, and people buy from people. People buy from people they like. People buy from people they know. People buy from people they trust. What’s been key as we defined this offering over the past six months has been driving to that business outcome so that the customer truly drives that value and doesn’t have to get into the minutia of, how did we get there?”



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Tony Erickson

Helps clients outpace the competition.

As a Managing Director at SBI, Tony works with CEO’s enabling their companies to outpace the competition. He helps CEOs and their executive teams solve one big problem: as leaders, how do they exceed industry growth rates and capture share from the competition? For twenty years, Tony gained experience in consulting, business operations, sales, marketing, and general management. Prior to SBI, he worked with marquis technology companies focused on consulting and outsourcing; IBM, HP, Accenture, where he held a variety of leadership positions. At those companies, his successes included delivering a record sales performance of $935M, double-digit growth of a $350M P&L and building the fastest growing industry for two consecutive years.


Three years ago, Tony shifted his focus to smaller companies. With SBI, he has consulted with several Private Equity backed companies and served as Chief Operating Officer at a tech-enabled services firm focused on energy management and sustainability.


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