Mary McDowell, CEO of Mitel, joins us to discuss how a company's brand promise can help guide it through the pandemic.
In the last couple of months, CEOs from a variety of industries have found themselves in uniquely challenging situations. However, during this time, they have all exhibited a common trait — they have proven it has been imperative to uphold their brand promise and continue to serve customers the best they know how.


On today’s show, we are joined by Mary McDowell, CEO of Mitel, who shares valuable insights for how other chief executives can be most effective during this time.


Although we do not yet know the full implications of the market disruption, Mary shares how CEOs can not only carry on business as usual but find opportunities to thrive.


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Leading the Team Forward by Going Back to Basics


  1. Survive the crisis by activating the value proposition. minute 3:49
  2. Successfully allocating and supporting resources. minute 9:22
  3. How Mitel has adapted its model to succeed during the crisis. minute 12:19


“You don’t have time to ruminate and have 47,000 meetings and debate angels on a head of a pin types of questions that can frequently become part of strategy processes if we’re honest…. What’s the no regrets move? Let’s make our best shot, and we’ve got to move.”



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