Speakers: Paul Mullins | Andrew Urteaga, SBI



SBI’s Andrew Urteaga caught up with Paul Mullins, SVP of Business Development at Agility Logistics.  Agility Logistics has 16,000 employees and recognizes $4.8 billion in annual revenue as a global supplier of integrated logistics services.


Paul_MullinsYou can listen to the interview here.


I just got done listening to Paul’s comments and found them to be intriguing.  Paul is 12 months in to transforming a sales team of 500 sales reps in 100 countries.  The board of directors has growth expectations that require Paul to standardize around certain best practices. 


The need for change in the sales force was driven by a slowdown in the global account sales channel.  This forced Paul to invest in two additional channels, which were strategic accounts and field sales.


Hear how Paul analyzed:


  • How he segmented accounts.
  • The length of the sales cycle.
  • The use of CRM.
  • Product alignment.
  • His sales people.
  • The role of sales management.
  • Sales tools.


If you are heading into the new year with growth goals to hit, you will gain a lot by listening to Paul’s wisdom.