Chief Executive Officer demonstrates how to best prepare and utilize storytelling to generate revenue.

Joining us on SBI TV is Jim O’Gara. And Jim is the CEO of StoryDimensions. StoryDimensions is a sales enablement technology company that captures, develops, and delivers real customer insights and stories that B2B sales professionals can use to establish credibility, earn trust, and ultimately grow revenue.


Below is a timestamped summary of the show segments and the topics covered. 


Segment 1: The Role of Stories in the Sales Process & Buying Decisions

  • The role stories play relative to influencing buying decisions. minute 2:33
  • Evidence of the impact of storytelling. minute 4:32
  • Are case studies stories? minute 6:21 


Skip to minute 4:06 to listen to Jim define the role stories play in influencing the buyer’s decision making: 


“Why do stories matter? And specifically customer stories? And the reality is they matter because, believe it or not, B2B buyers are humans. They actually think and behave just like all of us. Which means we use both rational and logical thought, as well as emotion in our decision making process…” 


Segment 2: The Need to Provide Sellers with Insights in Order to Connect 

  • The insights a customer story needs to have to be effective. minute 8:02
  • Challenges sales people typically encounter when they’re trying to activate stories. minute 10:22 


Skip to minute 8:33 to watch Jim describe what makes a story meaningful:


“For a story to be meaningful, it has to be relevant. And so, at StoryDimensions we look at it from multiple dimensions, of relevancy. And the first three relevant factors of a story are what I’ll call table stakes.  For you to make a connection with a buyer, your story has to pertain to them personally. Their role. So, the story should come from one of their peers.” 


 Segment 3: Equipping Sellers with Insights 

  • Where are company leaders embracing this and where are they lacking. minute 11:47
  • The metrics that an executive should use to show the storytelling is producing results. minute 13:55 


Skip to minute 12:20 to listen to Jim explain how to best equip sellers with storytelling insights:


 “Just like an actor is no good without great lines, a great story teller is no good without any source material. So their leaders are forgetting the most important part. Are we serving up real insights and stories that our story tellers can use? And while every sales rep’s got their go to two to three stories that they use, their job isn’t to be script writers or story writers. They don’t have the time and that’s not what you’re paying them to do. So they’ve got to find a way to allocate some resources or partner to get those stories packaged and delivered on a consistent basis…” 


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