Jeff Ray, CEO of Brightcove, joins us to share how leaders can take these uncertain times to better connect with their people and product.

There’s no denying it – unity, connection, and community are the marquee themes in the COVID-19 business world. Navigating these current challenges has also presented the opportunity to reimagine what is possible from product offerings and new revenue streams to internal and external communication.


On today’s podcast, Jeff Ray, CEO of Brightcove, a video powerhouse company, joins us to discuss how CEOs have the potential to:


  • Create unity through video and authentic messaging
  • Lead teams with empathy and positive intent
  • Innovate and propose new offerings through cross-functional collaboration


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How Market-Leading CEOs Build Community in a COVID-19 World


  1. How CEOs are adjusting to their new normal. minute 4:53
  2. How to operate subcommittees to increase business productivity. minute 9:05
  3. Leveraging this time for strengthening employee relationships. minute 11:04


Many leaders are asking for help on getting unstuck working virtually.  Learn the 5 important ways to connect at minute 13:03.


“Remember the importance and the power of storytelling. It will resonate with the right people. It’s authentic and genuine. Don’t underestimate the power of connecting with your customers through video.”


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