Tony Erickson, SBI Managing Director, joins us to share what TMT market leaders are doing to accelerate past the competition and industry.

It may be easy to assume that tech-enabled services became an overnight success in the wake of the work-from-home and digital phenomena. However, many companies will not only miss their number but have also experienced an 8% year over year decrease. It is clear that if TMT leaders do not make significant changes to their 2021 strategy, they will get left behind.


On today’s show, Tony Erickson, SBI Managing Director, joins us to discuss how the industry has handled this severe disruption and what market leaders are doing differently to outpace their competition.


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Executing Strategic Shifts to Outpace the Competition


  1. The impact of accelerating trends on tech-enabled services. minute 3:23
  2. How TMT accelerators adapt to digital disruption. minute 4:52
  3. How to think about your number approaching 2021. minute 6:48
  4. Why market leaders implement a Revenue Growth Office. minute 9:51


Skip to minute 8:07 to hear Tony discuss how market leaders in TMT are adapting to changes in demand drivers:


“When you think about it, it’s the journey that you’re taking this customer on. Frankly, it’s a repurposing of what they’ve done historically. So the concept for these companies providing tech-enabled services, they need their end customer base to agree with this concept of moving from high touch, low tech to high tech, low touch. They have to make that transition. So the companies who can get their users and their clients bought into that motion have a significant leg up. If you’re just trying to show that you’re able to process a widget faster or process an actual service quicker, that’s not, at the end of the day, what they’re getting to.”

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