As a product leader, you must decide which products to invest in and which to forgo. It’s a difficult choice and one that you can’t get wrong. We recently debated how to best develop product strategies on our show. Mike Drapeau, Partner at SBI, and Kevin Avery, Senior Consultant at SBI go toe-to-toe. The lively debate will help our audience develop a successful product strategy.


First we’ll discuss why your product strategy cannot address every problem in every market. We’ll explain why the most attractive markets are those with problems you can uniquely solve. We’ll also describe how to solve problems that occur frequently, and are associated with pain. And how to make sure there is budget available to address them.


We’ll then discuss what can go wrong with product strategies. For example, how do you know if your products are tackling the wrong problems? And if they do, what can you as a product leader do to fix it? We’ll debate why you need more than just a best in class product when marketing a new product as well. Why isn’t this enough? Watch as we explain what else you need to successfully make your product investments.


Finally, we will wrap the show up by talking about product road maps. Why do some product teams fear road map requests? We’ll dive into the reasons for and against mapping out your product development plan. Essentially, how can you listen to the market and innovate products faster than the competition?


Ultimately, your team must be able to define the right product strategy in order to grow revenues. Watch our episode to understand how to outline the direction for your company’s products. It will help you generate returns you need to help meet the company’s objectives.