Speakers: Alex Andrianopoulos | John Staples, SBI



SBI Partner John Staples recently interviewed Alex Andrianopoulos, Vice President of Marketing of Guidance Software.  Guidance Software is an enterprise software company. They are the market leader in the ediscovery software category.  More than half of the Fortune 500 are customers of Guidance.


Alex_Andrianopoulos-1Click here to hear how Alex:


1.  Installed a data driven marketing culture


2.  The obstacles to creating a data driven marketing culture


3.  Solutions to overcoming these difficult obstacles


4.  How to blend intuition and numbers when making marketing decisions


Alex is an insightful marketing leader.  Here are some of his quotes from this podcast that might inspire you to listen to it:


“A vanilla implementation of marketing automation does not work.”


“A marketing department can become overwhelmed with mounds of data.”


“Be sure to understand why you are tracking what you are tracking.”


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