Attracting and retaining top sales talents is a competitive advantage. Equally important is filling your headcount with quality professionals quickly.


This is easier said than done.


Our research shows that HR leaders lack the skills needed attract top sales performers. This lack of expertise slows down the hiring process, jeopardizing the sales strategy. As a result, monthly sales numbers are missed placing stress on the entire organization.  


In this post, we’ll review how to attract high quality candidates quickly enough to fill your immediate headcount requirements.  


3 Steps You Can Take Now to Quickly Attract Quality Sales Candidates

Understand The Sales Team’s Needs


Sit down with your sales leader and discuss their strategy. Understand their objectives and action plan before you pick up the phone. Understand that the this year’s priorities may require a different hiring profile than last year. Taking the extra time upfront will reduce delays due to screening misfires.


Partner with the Sales Team to Source High Performers


Create a gameplan for mining your sales team’s network for other top performers. Your A-Performers may already know other quality professionals that may be open to a change. A quick “do you know anyone” email won’t get the job done. You’ll need to set aside time to ask follow-up questions that unearth good leads. Feel free to share the task with the sales leader.  They are just as invested in getting the the best talent as you are.  


Sell More than Compensation


We’ve studied and deconstructed the hiring practices of underperforming organizations. Our research show that the HR in these organizations rely solely on compensation to attract high performers. This often leads to a list filled with cash-focused, organization jumpers. These hires often fail to meet expectations and leave the company within months.


Effective HR leaders understand that top performers look for more than competition. They want to know:


  • Opportunities for advancement
  • The quality of the assigned sales territory
  • The sales managers ability to train and coach new hires.
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • How receptive senior leadership is to their ideas
  • The strength of the brand, products and services
  • Company culture and the respect given to sales leaders
  • Resources and tools available to promote sales


Review your candidate sourcing process and look for opportunities to talk about these other factors. Pay attention to candidates that ask thoughtful questions about these factors during the screening process.


Following a step-by-step process accelerates the hiring process by eliminating poor candidates before they enter the interviewing process. A careful approach also builds an initial candidate list that matches the needs of the sales team. This puts your team in a excellent position to fill your headcount requirements with quality hires.



Melissa Freitag

Sources top executives for SBI and our clients.

Melissa joined SBI as Director of Recruiting to source top talent for the firm. She has successfully recruited multiple professionals to join SBI and recently has been sourcing executives for many of the firm’s clients.

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