One of the main purposes of the Marketing team is to set up the Sales team up for success. Nowhere is this goal more prominent than in the final step of the Marketing Strategy.


As SBI found, best-in-class marketing leaders can produce a copy of their well-articulated Marketing Strategy. And these strategies unfold across five key steps: Planning, Engagement, Org, Execution and Support.


By executing the first four steps, the Marketing team has a chance to flesh out buyer preference for the company’s products and choosing which marketing channels to invest in. But once all of these choices are made, it’s still up to Marketing to optimize its processes in order to prepare Sales to make the number.


That’s where the fifth step, Support, comes in.


Increase efficiency through process, technology, metrics and best practices:

As the final tactic in the Marketing Strategy, Support provides an opportunity for the Marketing team to remove non-program responsibilities and streamline those that can’t be off-loaded.


Top-performing companies complete the Support step across two phases: Marketing Operations and Systems.


Here’s what you need to know to execute each:


Increase Efficiency for Marketing Operations:

In the Marketing Operations phase, companies can increase efficiency through through process, technology, metrics and best practices.


Why such a need to streamline the Marketing team’s activities? Because the number of marketing channels increases each day, and advancements in marketing technology produce an overwhelming amount of data. Not to mention, Marketing Operations is a relatively new discipline, and most new Marketing leaders are under a great deal of pressure to catch up quickly.


To complete this phase, Marketing Ops must be able to identify a clear data plan and analytics strategy. They should also outline how they will track results at various levels and compile executive reports with these marketing insights.


Only then can Marketing move on to the Systems phase.


Streamline Core Business Processes With Automated Systems:

Many Marketing teams spend too much time trying to complete administrative duties, and this prevents them from their ultimate goal: generating more leads with high-quality campaigns.


The solution to removing this administrative burden? Increase productivity by offloading these duties through automation software. For instance, top Marketing teams are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), predictive analytics, and social collaboration tools to increase productivity.


As a result, not only with the Marketing Strategy be easier to execute, but the Sales team will also have everything it needs to hit the ground running in 2016. And the entire organization will be more effectively primed to beat the estimates.


Is that a position your company wants to be in? SBI is ready to get you there with our face-to-face consultation workshop. Register for “How To Make Your Number in 2016” today, and we’ll use our research and best practices to set up your organization for success in the year ahead.


Aaron Bartels

Helps clients solve the most difficult challenges standing in the way of making their number.

He founded Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) with Greg Alexander and Mike Drapeau to help business to business (B2B) leaders make the number. The world’s most respected companies have put their trust in and hired SBI. SBI uses the benchmarking method to accelerate their rate of revenue growth. As an execution based firm, SBI drives field adoption and business results.

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